Thursday, July 1, 2010

A House of Cards

I had to walk away from the world of news today. I was so upset and angry, I knew I had to separate myself; if only for a little while, from the real world. I took my daughter to an appointment, and while I waited for her, I began reading Glen Beck's book, The Overton Window.

Was I ever in for a surprise. I had stepped out of the real world, into a fictional world, resembling our world of today, and found myself wondering even more about where our country is headed.

But this I DO know. I will stand up, I will speak loud and long, join every group possible to assist in regaining our country's MORAL law. I will do everything in my power to keep this government from thinking they will become MY God. It will not happen to me! I will NOT hold back my religious indoctrination, I will no longer be part of the silent who are allowing this country to be taken over by the socialistic view of this administration and it's people.

Ironically, my daughter has been attempting to build a house of cards. She has tried and tried and tried. She even went to the internet to try to learn how. I must admit I was "busy" watching Fox, and wasn't paying much attention to her. She wanted me to watch a video she found...I kept telling her in a minute, in a few minutes, until finally I gave in.

The video she wanted me to watch is both entertaining, and a reflection of our administration today. It is listed at the right ~~ A House of Cards.

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