Monday, July 26, 2010

Golden Rule of Life

I had an experience this morning, that caused me to no longer be able to "blow it off" of me.

Being a part of the Fox Insider Chat has been great.. good people... good conversation, great debate. Lots of good thoughts, thinking processes and participation in our America's issues. But... what I saw this morning is exactly part of the problem in our country.

However, that being said. I believe that all the aforementioned items can take place without attacking an individual. No one is ever going to come and stay on the site that we might be able as a whole, to help, if we keep attacking their thinking at the drop of a hat. Sometimes, the questions we ask of others need to be utilized in a fashion that allows them the opportunity to explain why they think what they do without demeaning them as a person.

Azalea was in the room and made a comment about Pakistan. Trish jumped right in and promptly asked her what rock she had crawled out from underneath. I am sorry, I stood up for her and told Trish she was basically out of line. I do not, will not, never have, and never will, condone, tolerate, or be a part of attacking someone's thinking in a personal attack.

I do not want to be treated that way, nor will I be a part of it. I have stood by, and watched this constant barrage of personal attacks at people go on for weeks now. Someone new comes to the room, and instead of it being a hearty debate over principle, it becomes a personal name calling event. Az isn't the only one to be attacked and I am not saying Trish is the only one who does it. I am just frankly saying I have had enough of it. If that means I leave the site never to return, so be it.